Due Diligence

Identify red flags before it’s too late.

Our due diligence service helps you identify and understand risk. We get ahead of potential business opportunities, reveal possible red flags, and better inform clients on the uncertainty faced in potential business transactions. Our due diligence service can be tailored to individuals, firms, or businesses seeking trusted insights to unique problems.

Possible use-cases: mergers & acquisitions, geopolitical risk analysis, pre-employment diligence, third party screening, and more.

Applied intelligence & special operations

We leverage publicly available information through precise application of Open Source Intelligence and online investigations techniques to assess risk to clients, and offer valuable insights into subjects of interest.

We recognize information is not useful to you if it does not drive decision-making. You are not hiring us to conduct Google searches — we leverage our intelligence, research, and analytical experience to gather, analyze, and make useful the data accessible to us in a manner that clearly identifies risks and deepens your understanding. Our duty is to ensure information satisfies your requirements and supports your desired endstate.

Identify risks online that drive decision-making

Our investigations may identify:

  • Adverse or negative news or internet references to potential business opportunities
  • A general assessment of subject background, reputation, and business practices
  • Discovery of subject social media accounts and accompanying analysis
  • Existence of intellectual property and other assets in the digital domain
  • Subject digital risk profile based on exposure of personal data online
  • Any litigation records contained in public record
  • Professional history and corporate affiliations
  • Corporate registration records

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