Cyber Privacy

Your sensitive personal data is already exposed.

As the world goes digital, threats to your brand, reputation, finances, business, and family grow unchecked. Harness our cyber privacy and digital security services to expose hidden risk and secure your digital realm so you’re free to live life.

Exposed data online means risk to your brand, reputation, finances, physical safety, or family. Let us leverage our unique intelligence and special operations experience to fight hidden risk on your behalf. We simulate cyber adversaries, target you like criminals would, and ensure your digital security and privacy are locked down.

Applied intelligence & special operations

We apply Open Source Intelligence techniques and special operations targeting methodologies to locate your sensitive data and discreetly remove it in a timely manner. We also conduct follow-ups to ensure the data remains unavailable to exploitation by nefarious actors.

Cyber Privacy & Digital Security services

Cyber Privacy Audit

We leverage special operations and intelligence targeting methodologies to find you online through the use of open source intelligence techniques.

Data Broker Opt-Outs

We conduct site-specific opt-out requests for several major data brokerage services that store your sensitive personal information.

Targeted Content Removal

We conduct discreet, nonlegal take-down requests of unfavorable or unflattering content that damages your brand, reputation, or safety.

Dark Web Queries

We search billions of breached records to determine if your sensitive data such as emails and passwords have been exposed online.

Digital Security Guide

We share our expert Digital Security Guide, featured by Business Insider, designed to help you lock down your online privacy and digital security from home.

Privacy Review

30-45 days after our initial data broker opt-outs and removals, we conduct an in-stride review of your online signature to determine the impacts of our actions to maintain your safety and privacy.

Open Source Intelligence General Reconnaissance

We leverage targeting methodologies and open source intelligence techniques to target you and your family like an adversary, leveraging online information to identify your level of risk and exposure.

Preliminary Cybersecurity Assessment

We conduct a general assessment of your cybersecurity and where you could limit your “attack surface” to prevent unwanted cyber crime or malicious activity.

On-Demand Concierge

We make ourselves and our expertise available via direct phone and email to you for any online privacy and digital security questions. Need help setting up your VPN, or getting your password manager to work? We have you covered.

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