How will you conquer uncertainty?

The world is going digital, and threats to personal, family, and corporate data are rapidly mounting as sensitive personal info is found online.


Precise. Rapid. Discreet.

We are a private risk, security, and intelligence firm led by special operations and intelligence professionals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that specializes in cyber privacy, digital security, and open source intelligence.

Why SMU?

Applied Intelligence & Special Operations.

We bring combined decades of honorable military service to bear on complex problems for a unique solution. We also leverage Swiss roots in privacy, precision, and quality along with our faith-based, family-oriented values.


Your menu of response options.


We work with clients to provide mission-direct training critical for success. Click the image to learn more.

Cyber Privacy & Digital Security.

We suppress personal data that appears online, limit info from appearing in search engine results, and mitigate the risk of stalkers, hackers, or doxing. Click the image to learn more.

Online Investigations.

We leverage publicly available information to gather, analyze, and make sense of online data in a manner useful to you. Click the image to learn more.

Due diligence that identifies risk and deepens understanding.

Due Diligence.

We assess risk ahead of business transactions, identifying potential red flags and informing decision-making. Click the image to learn more.

Prepare for contingencies with our contingency response support.

Contingency Response.

We offer workplace violence training, active shooter response, and other knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for contingencies. Click the image to learn more.

Hard and soft skills needed to conquer uncertainty.

Boutique Tactical Training.

We expose you to tactical training including concealed carry, firearms safety, foreign weapons familiarization, and more. Click the image to learn more.


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